AAOSA Seminar: “Fiber frequency combs for the real world”

Tuesday November 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm


Dr. Martin Fermann, IMRA America, Inc

Location of Seminar: 1123 Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building (LBME), 1101 BEAL AVE, Ann Arbor, MI


We introduce IMRA’s current R&D activities in microwave photonics and mid IR technology. Ultra-low phase noise microwaves can be generated via frequency division of fiber frequency combs. Based on advanced signal processing modalities, fully turn-key systems can be demonstrated. Such sources have great potential in revolutionizing current precision microwave technology as used in sensing and ranging applications. On the mid-IR side, highly coherent sources with record high average powers in the wavelength range from 3 – 11 mm can be obtained using difference frequency generation in OPGaP, based on compact high power Yb, Er and Tm fiber lasers, offering an attractive alternative to quantum cascade lasers for spectroscopy applications.


Dr. Martin Fermann is the Vice President of Research and Advanced Development at IMRA America, Inc. located in Ann Abor, MI. He joined IMRA in 1992, after completing four years of postdoc and research associate positions at the Technical University of Vienna and Bellcore. In 2001, he accepted a position as CTO at Boston Laser and rejoined IMRA in 2002. He received his Ph. D. from Southampton University, UK in 1988. He is trained as an experimental Optical Physicist.

He has authored over 150 technical papers and around 150 US patents and applications. Many of his patents have been licensed by a third party. He has served on various committees at technical conferences, and in particular, as General Chair for the Conference on Advanced Solid State Lasers. He has made contributions to the field of ultra-fast optics, precision spectroscopy and metrology, microwave photonics, and fiber and solid-state lasers. He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America.

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