Previous Years

 2013 / 2014 Event Program

September 17, 2013:
Topic: Biomedical Optics for Clinical Diagnostics
Speaker: Dr. Mary-Ann Mycek
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: U-M, Biomedical Eng. Dept.

October 9, 2012:
Topic: Wavefront Aberrations, Adaptive Optics and a Model to Predict Visual Performance
Speaker: Dr. Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

December 10, 2013:
Topic: High Power Fiber Lasers for Industrial Applications
Speaker: Eric Stiles
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: IPG Photonics

February 25, 2013:
Topic: Coherent synthesis of ultrafast waveforms and energies using fiber laser arrays
Speaker: Dr. Almantas Galvanauskas
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: U-M EECS

March 18, 2014
Topic: Translation in Optical Coherence Tomography: History, Current Status, and Future Opportunities
Speaker: Eric Swanson
Where: U-M Atrium of LBME Building

August 26, 2014
Topic: Planning Meeting
Where: U-M, Conference room of the Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building


2012 / 2013 Event Program

September 11, 2012:
Topic: How To Make Your Own: Telescope
Speaker: Tom Ryan & Jack Brisbin
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: Univ. Lowbrow Astronomers Club

October 9, 2012:
Topic: How to: Micro-Machine with Lasers
Speaker: Philippe Bado, Translume Inc.
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: Translume Inc.

October 23, 2012:
Special Event – Special Date & Location Topic: Special Facility Tour – EMU Dept. of Physics & Astronomy’s new Planetarium, rooftop Sherzer Observatory with 10″ refractor telescope, etc.
Speaker: Norbert Vance & Dr. James Sheerin
Where: EMU Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Organization: EMU Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

November 13, 2012:
Topic: How To Make Your Own: Color Hologram
Speaker: John Nees
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

December 11, 2012:
Topic: New Frontiers in Nonlinear Optics
Speaker: Dr. Stephen C. Rand
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

February 13, 2013:
Topic: Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells
Speaker: Dr. Yang Li
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: former UniSolar, now with Rigaku Innovative Technologies

February 26, 2013:
Special Event Topic: Optics & Photonics Industry Night / Job Fair
Speaker: Michelle Stock
Where: Ann Aarbor SPARK Central, 330 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor
Organization: Mi-Light Optics & Photonics Cluster and Arbor Photonics

March 12, 2013:
Special Event – Invited OSA National Speaker
Topic: James Webb Space Telescope: The First Light Machine
Speaker: Dr. H. Phillip Stahl, Invited OSA National Speaker
Where: U-M EECS, Room 1500 Organization: NASA Marshall SFC

April 16, 2013:
Topic: Accelerating image recovery using variable splitting methods
Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey A. Fessler
Where: U-M EECS
Organization: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI