AAOSA-OSUM Telescope Observing Event

Join us for an Open House at Peach Mountain Observatory

Courtesy of

University Lowbrow Astronomers

When: Sunset, 8:00 pm, Saturday April 6, 2019, weather permitting. (Should April 6 be cancelled due to weather we will postpone the event to June 8.)

Where: Peach Mountain Observatory, Dexter, MI

About: The University Lowbrow Astronomers invite guests from the general public to attend their Open Houses, where you can view the stars, planets, and other celestial wonders through the club’s 24″ and club members’ telescopes. Peach Mountain is the home of the 24″ McMath Telescope and is part of Stinchfield Woods. Stinchfield Woods is owned by the University of Michigan and used by several university departments including the Astronomy Department and the School of Natural Resources and Environment.

Other Notes: Open houses begin at sunset. If conditions are unusually cold or if it is cloudy, the open house may be canceled. If in doubt, call (734) 975-3248 after 4 PM the day of the event to determine the status. Closing time is season dependent: 11:00 PM in winter, later for the rest of the year.

Peach Mountain often gets quite cold, dress warmly.
There are no restrooms at the observatory site.

There is no admission charge or parking fee. See the attached PDF or this webpage for maps and more information.


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